Thursday, March 26, 2009

Britney Concert

The Monday over vacation was a day that I have been looking forward to for months, Britney Spears Concert. I have gotten into many arguments with people about Britney and how they think she's a horrible artist and she doesn't deserve to have a record, ect ect. Ever since her first single came out I have been a huge Britney fan. In middle school (can't really remember how old I was) my mom's best friend won tickets to a Britney concert and asked if we would like to go. Me, my mom and her two friends all went and they weren't into it at all. All the way home I had to listen to each one of them back and forth bitching about how she can't dance and she was lip syncing. I sat in the backseat the happiest person ever. Personally, I don't think she's a bad dancer at all. And yes I will admit she was lip syncing, but I don't really care :]! Ever since then I've been dying to go to another Britney concert and when my best friend, Kenny, told me that she was going to have her "comeback tour" I almost died. He got presale tickets and we thought that our seats were pretty decent. I also found out that my other friends, Holly and Greg would be attending as well so we all decided that we would go in together.

When Monday came, I was so overly excited I barely slept the night before. After Kenny got out of work we met up with Holly and Greg and were on our way to the train station. The concert didn't start until 8 and we got there about an hour and a half early. Unlike most of the concerts I go to, it wasn't general admission so there was no need for us to be there that early but better early than late. We sat at North Station and people watched (my favorite thing to do). I concluded that the four of us were the general consensis of the concert: girls and their gay best friends. That, and also girls who dragged their boyfriends who looked like they wanted to kill themselves. You could pick them out because they were the ones that either had their excited girlfriend clung to his side with excitement while he looked mortified, or the drunk guy with his girlfriend clung to his side with excitement while he looked like he was going to pass out. Either way it was enjoy able. After waiting around for a while Kenny and I decided to take a walk to the bathroom. On my way there I saw this really tall kid and his friend (friend/gay friend combo) swinging around backstage passes. For a whole minute I contemplated the reprocussions of punching each one of them in the face and stealing them so Kenny and I could get backstage. Alas, my better judgement prevailed, as always, and I let them walk by me but not without giving them an evil glare. Purchasing backstage passes was an option for Kenny and I. We would have gotten backstage passes along with general admission seats (right upfront) for $600. I am currently unemployed and the $150 I paid for the seats we had was a stretch for me so we layed low this time around.

Finally they opened the doors and everyone screamed, and that just made me want to permenantly stick my fingers in my ears. I don't understand why when doors open, people scream. I open a door every day and I don't scream every time it happens. Its just obnoxious. Since Kenny and I had lounge seats we bypassed most of the lines going in through a different way than everyone else. We went up one escelator and if anyone has been to the "Bank North Garden" (or whatever name they're calling it these days), you know that as you walk around you can see through the doorways onto the stage. Well we were walking around and I stated, "Ohhh mann this seats are wicked close I wish we were sitting here," and Kenny agreed. On our way up to the 3rd floor I stopped and asked one of the people who worked there where we should be headed. He told us to turn around because our seats were right behind us. I almost had a heartattack. I literally jumped for joy (but made it a point to not scream). Our seats were perfect. I couldn't have asked for anything better, and for $150 I shouldn't have expected anything less.

The Pussycat Dolls were touring with Britney so they came on first. Now I'm not the biggest Pussycat Dolls fan but they're alright. I would have much rathered Lady GaGa who was supposed to be on the tour. They pranced around like the skanks they are and sung their songs, it was enjoyable. After them, while they were setting up for Britney they had members of the Big Apple Circus come out and do lots of crazy stuff. It was a lot better than sitting there for a halfhour if not more waiting around, which is what happens at most concerts.

Now, I'm not going to go through every single detail of the concert (which I would love to do but it would take way to long) so I'll just go through some good parts. First of all, the opening video they played was very cool. It was Perez Hilton all dressed up in a clown-ish costume introducing her. I had pretty high expectations for her performance in general, but she blew me away. Contrary to popular belief, I think she is an awesome dancer. None of this "VMA" dancing crap. She looked totally hot as well. You could tell she really prepared for this tour. During one of her costume changes I was shocked that going along with one of her video transitions, Marilyn Manson was playing. THIS was infact my favorite part of the concert. I found the video to be very interesting and different, very un-Britney-like. But it worked well. The only complaint I had about it was her song choices. Obviously, I'm a fan of any Britney song but I felt that she could have left out a lot of songs and added different ones. She totally avoided the majority of my favorites, but Britney singing ANY of her songs is better than her singing NONE of her songs ;]

On the way home from the concert my friend Greg and I got into a little fight about if she was actually singing or not. She is mostly known for lip syncing but I personally don't think she was the whole time. It was clear that she was singing to a backtrack. With all her dancing around she has to get out of breath so I'm assuming she sung and then lip synced other parts which I don't have a problem with. One of the main reasons I definately support my theory now is because if you were to youtube videos from the concert you can hear the backtrack along with her singing because obviously her singing isn't EXACTLY on cue with the backtrack. To everyone who doesn't like Britney BECAUSE they think she lip syncs, I think that's just mean. She has awesome music and isn't the only one that does that every so often. All in all the concert was a complete success and if this doesn't get her back in people's good grace than I don't know what will!

I've taken it upon myself to (as usual) put some videos in with this blog. The first is of the transition video that I was talking about. The last two are part of her performances. I usually like to try and find ones from the stop that I was at but all of the videos from Boston were shaky and/or all you could hear was the person who was recording singing. And the last one is the video they played right before the encore. Enjoy :]