Wednesday, February 25, 2009

(Music Review): Thrash Welcomes Female Lead Singer :]

I was contemplating what to write about this week. Since nothing life altering, thought provoking and/or entertaining at all happened to me this week I thought I'd do another music review. I then thought for a few hours about what I was going to do. In the end it only seemed reasonable for me to do this band because I want to share them with the world!

Light This City is a band that I don't really expect anyone to know because well, I had to introduce my friends to them. What is so special about the band you ask... female lead singer. At this point I'm expecting you all to laugh and go, "Uhhh, there are lead singers who are females in so many bands." This is true, but how many females do you know who are lead in a metal/hardcore band... very few! For some reason I love hardcore bands who have female lead singers because I find it different. When I think hardcore/thrash/metal, I think of it as a "guy band" world. These female led bands are pushing their way in and frankly doing the job better if you ask me.

There isn't a lot of background I can actually give you on the band just because they are not very well known and their myspace seems to be their only source of information, which happens to have no biography! What I can tell you is their band consists of Laura Nichol (vocals), Ryan Hansen (guitar), Brian Forbes (guitar), Jon Frost (bass), and Ben Murray (drums). The band started in 2002 and has since released 4 CDs. The most I know about the band is that Laura has a daughter who is between 8 and 10 years old. She goes on tour with them a lot and usually sells merch at their table. Adorable.

I have seen Light This City two times before, once in Florida and once in Worchester. The first time was kind of a blur. It was in an indoor skatepark that was about 500 degrees inside so my friends and I were going in and out constantly. The second time I saw them was much better. My friend Sandra and I went to the Palladium and definately had the best spot in the house, front and center. I almost got guitar whipped about a million times but it was so worth it. Afterwards we met Laura (lead singer) as well as all of the other bands that were there. That always tops off a concert for me, meeting the bands. I feel that its always nice to let them know how much you appreciate their music and let them know that their hardwork is also appreciated. Especially to a band that isn't mainstream and selling millions and millions of records. (Thought I'd throw a few pictures in):

My favorite song by Light This City doesn't have a music video for it so I pondered for a very long time about whether I should put up just the song or pick a different song that had a music video. In the end I decided I'd rather put up a song that has a video because I like to see how the band performs and stuff like that. If there's one thing that I have learned, it is that when I play any of their songs for someone they don't believe that it is a female. It sounds absolutely nothing like a female and thats part of the reason they're so badass... enjoy :]

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